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  • Luxema AB

    Luxema is owned and operated by Pelle Hagberg and is a company with long experience of paternoster carousels and lifts for flexible solutions for storage handling. We have worked with storage handling, lifts and paternoster carousels for over 30 years, which gives us experience and know-how. This combined gives us a possibility to find a solution for your company.

    Our main business

    • Organization, planning and conduct relocation of machines and facilities.
    • Maintenence, service and wear control to maintain optimal function, reliability and economy.
    •  Telephone support and troubleshooting when machine failure.
    •  Technical troubleshooting and problem solving of your machine at your location.
    •  Software upgrade of controller system and exchange to newer controller hardware.
    •  Ability to modify and shorten lifts and paternoster carousels.
    Workshop and warehouse

    Luxema has a well equipt workshop where some spare parts are manufactured and controllers are produced on inquiry. We buy and sell second hand machines. Please contact us for further information.
    Contact information
    The office of Luxema is located in Upplands Väsby, north of Stockholm. Our technician is often on the road in Sweden and the world.
    Adress office
    Luxema AB
    Sleipnervägen 4
    S-194 62 Upplands Väsby
    Telephone: +4670 211 09 37
    Fax: +468 591 209 32
    E-mail: info@luxema.se
    Per-Erik Hagberg
    Technical Manager
    Telephone: +4670 211 09 37
    E-mail: pe@luxema.se

    Katarina Nilsson
    Adminastrativley responsible
    E-mail: ka@luxema.se